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Remote Mentors helps you face the real challenges of remote work with field tested guidance

Why I created Remote Mentors

Have you ever considered how to create the best conditions for your remote work?

You most probably educate yourself to get better at your job. But have you ever stopped to consider how to work remotely in good conditions and avoid the pitfalls?

Most important challenges of remote work for individuals:

  • Overwork
  • Interruptions
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Communication issues
  • Timezone differences
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Lack of routine

Remote Mentors helps you facing remote challenges by facilitating access to curated recommendations from professionals with years of experience.

Our mission is to help you going and riding remote
  • Start

  • Learn from experts

  • Establish healthy habits

  • Communicate effectively

  • Increase your flow

What you'll discover

What you can expect to learn from Remote Mentors

  • Explore the diversity of remote workers

  • Discover remote-friendly places

  • Wonder what remote-friendly job you could do?

  • How to start?

  • Remote work is peculiar.

  • Let's try to define digital nomadism.

  • Get to discover the stories behind some of the best coworking spaces in the 🌎 world 🌏.

  • Yeah ! You are halfway through the list of questions.

  • Wonder what are the pros and cons of running a remote company? Need advices do you have regarding running a remote company?

  • Still asking yourself if remote work is for you?

  • You might interrogate yourself about family for remote workers.

  • Be surpised by the triggers for a remote worker's journey.

  • Do you need advices for a better remote work life? For getting started? For improving?

  • How can we see the future of work?

  • Coworking, Co-learning, Co-living, Co-giving?

  • How is it possible to approach the relationship between remote workers and local communities?

  • SECIAL BOOK RELEASE "Digital Nomads: In Search of Freedom, Community, and Meaningful Work in the New Economy"

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  • Establish a routine for each other to plug into. For example that might mean setting up a weekly team meeting and treat it as a sacred space so you can stay connected.

    Mel Loh - US & SG

    Business Builder & Systems Designer @

  • With so many talented people seaking more control and autonomy at work [...] offering this flexibility is a great way for companies to attract and retain high quality knowledge workers.

    Rob Woldoff - US

    Pr. Management @ Washington Jefferson College

  • Schools spend 90% of the time on the intellectual quadrant [...] but the challenges of the world are on the emotional and spiritual areas where we spend so little time in school. I believe that coworking spaces are one of the ways to fixing education.

    Chris Thompson - US

    CEO @ Hubud Coworking space -HUBUD, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

  • I feel like that when we break down the geographical limitations of work it opends up so many opportinities for stuff that we are passionate about. [...] it builds cross-cultural empathy as well, as you work with people from all over the world.

    Stephany Lee - Singapore

    Operations @ Buffer - OUTPOST, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

  • Our team is scattered all around the world. I think the drawbacks are the basic ones of time and space: we are 12 hours ahead of our staff in America and a few hours back from our team in Vietnam so that capacity to find a slot together is a bit of a challenge but overall the pros way out the cons.

    Corry & Jake - US

    Co-founders @ - HUBUD, Cascais, Portugal

  • I can have my clients still in Austria, Germany or Portugal but I can work independently from any location: I can work and live close to the beach, I can surf before coming to work, I can surf in the lunch break. I get to know a lot of very nice people and life is just far more relaxed here (Cascais, Portugal) than sitting in an office in Vienna.

    Julia, Austria

    Designer - COWORK CASCAIS, Cascais, Portugal

  • Once you take that leap, you’ve got to be aware that there’s going to be a lot of attractions ; a lot of things that might distract you. Balancing your time is going to be very important. Knowing to say “no” to this trip or no to this hike because you have a meeting or work to do, that’s very important.

    Derar and Michele, US/Jordan

    Co-founders @ The Remote Experience - DOJO Coworking Space, Canggu, Bali Indonesia

  • If you’re going to go make the jump, do it with purpose. That purpose could be finding purpose in life, right, but define the goal that you’re after and use that as your grounding point. Because when location disappears, that grounding is going to be key to make sure that you’re on track.

    Brad Bramazov, 21, USA, Colorado

    Entrepreneur - HUBUD, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

  • I guess for the remote working lifestyle, do a lot, lot of researches. Even the tiny things and the behind the scene things (ie. travel insurance) that you don’t think about in this romantic lifestyle have to be taken care of.

    Brett Randell, 28, Colorado, USA

    Musician, Writer & Marketing - SUNDESK, Taghazout, Morocco

  • You have this trend where people are willing to work remotely and they have the tools to work remotely [...] it's not just your stereotypical 23 years old. It's the 28 years old on a sabatical building a new company, the 38 years old with a spouse and two kids.

    David Abraham, New York NY

    CEO of OUTPOST coworking space - Ubud, Bali Indonesia

  • When you’ll come here [about Hubud coworkingspace], you’ll be so supported by the people around you that it'll enable you to dare to become who you really meant to be and to become a better version of yourself.

    Grace, Colombia/UK

    Coach - HUBUD, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

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